Too few people have access to affordable health insurance, and the cost of healthcare in Wisconsin continues to be too high. Period.

One reason folks in Wisconsin pay nearly 50 percent more than Minnesotans do when purchasing individual health insurance is because Minnesota accepted the Medicaid expansion dollars and Wisconsin did not.

Minnesota also made important changes to stabilize the market and control costs. Under Scott Walker, premiums in Wisconsin have spiked, while DC Republicans peddle Walker-endorsed plans that would repeal critical protections for Wisconsin families and drive up costs.

As Governor, Tony will:

  • Take immediate action to accept the federal Medicaid expansion dollars which would insure thousands more Wisconsinites who are struggling to find affordable health insurance
  • Do everything in his power to stabilize health insurance markets and bring down costs – including prescription drug prices. Read Tony’s full plan to lower prescription drug costs here.
  • Invest in preventive health programs, especially for Wisconsin women, that have been defunded over the last seven years. Having to drive four hours round-trip for a mammogram, simply isn’t acceptable.
  • Extend protections for Wisconsinites with pre-existing health conditions.  It is estimated that half of Wisconsinites have some kind of pre-existing health condition like cancer, diabetes, a heart condition, obesity or depression.

We cannot afford to return to the days where health insurance companies held all the power and could cut off patients who simply cost them too much money.