Every Wisconsinite deserves to live in a safe community where they can raise a family and achieve their dreams. During his first term, Gov. Evers invested more than $100 million in public safety programs to help communities tackle the root causes of violence and tackle challenges in their communities. He has also provided funding for every local and tribal law enforcement agency to support first responders. 

In his second term, Gov. Evers will continue to do the right thing to make communities and neighborhoods safe.

  • Universal Background Checks for Guns: Gov. Evers supports common sense gun safety measures, including a universal background check requirement for every gun purchased in Wisconsin, including guns bought at gun shows and online.  
  • Red Flag Laws: It’s time for Wisconsin to adopt a common sense “Red Flag” law to improve public safety by temporarily removing guns from people who pose a danger to themselves or others. People in crisis should have access to mental health and treatment programs instead of posing a public safety threat to communities.
  • Funding School Programs and Local Services in High Crime Areas: Improving public safety requires connecting the dots to address the root causes of violence and finding local solutions. Gov. Evers will invest in services like after school and out-of-school programs, support additional programming in high-crime areas, as well as addiction and mental health treatment, so law enforcement can focus more on crime and safety.
  • Improve Wisconsin’s Bail System: Gov Evers believes in continuing to improve fairness and equality in the justice system. As part of improving Wisconsin’s system, Gov. Evers supports changes in Wisconsin’s bail system, including allowing judges to fully assess the safety risk to the community before releasing someone pre-trial. 
  • Additional Funding for Local Public Safety: For years under the previous administration, local governments were starved for funding from the state and asked to do more with less. Gov. Evers believes local governments know their communities and their needs best and should have the funding and support they need to support local priorities, including police and fire departments, and will continue to fight for increased support and funding from the state.