Democracy in Wisconsin and across the nation is under attack like never before. During his first term, Governor Evers has protected the right to vote by vetoing bills that would add additional restrictions and make it harder for Wisconsinites to participate in the democratic process. 

In his second term, Gov. Evers will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure every eligible voter is able to participate in elections and that Wisconsin elections continue to be accessible, secure, and fair.

  • Support Local Election Workers: Supporting local election workers is more important than ever. Local clerks and volunteers at polling places deserve a governor who won’t threaten or demonize the important work they’re doing to administer elections. Gov. Evers will always stand up to intimidation of local officials.
  • Commit to Certifying Future Election Results: In Wisconsin, the governor plays an important role in certifying election results that have been found accurate by local officials and the Wisconsin Election Commission. Just as he did in 2020, Gov. Evers commits to following the will of the people and certifying accurate election results.
  • Improve Absentee Ballot Counting and Transparency: Gov. Evers continues to support allowing local clerks to begin counting absentee ballots the Monday before the election. Securely and confidentially counting these ballots ahead of time will improve confidence and transparency in election night reporting.