According to The Sentencing Project, African Americans are more than five times more likely than whites to be imprisoned.  However, here in Wisconsin, that ratio is doubled (10:1).  From education to health care to criminal justice – bold reforms must be made.

The fact that Wisconsin spends more on Corrections than the entire UW System speaks volumes about our priorities as a state.

There are a number of policies that we as a state must change.

As Governor, Tony will support:

  • Ending crimeless revocations
  • Banning the box
  • Eliminating mandatory minimums
  • Ending the use of solitary confinement (especially with juveniles)
  • Investing in drug courts, Treatment and Diversion (TAD) programs and restorative justice strategies
  • Increasing transparency, accountability and communication within policing
  • Fixing our broken parole and supervision system which only contributes to our high incarceration levels while also keeping families apart
  • Increasing access to affordable housing, employment with good wages, and other needed support for a successful re-entry for those who have completed their sentence