Press Releases Gov. Evers Releases Doing the Right Thing Agenda for Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — Today, Governor Tony Evers released his Doing the Right Thing Agenda for Wisconsin. The plan centers around strategies to improve education, address rising costs, healthcare access, infrastructure, public safety, and other issues that are important to Wisconsinites.

During his time as governor, Gov. Evers has worked to bring people together around common sense solutions that make Wisconsin stronger. In his first term, our state has achieved the lowest unemployment rate in Wisconsin history, with more people working than ever before. Wisconsin schools are now ranked 8th best in the nation.

We’ve invested more than $100 million in public safety programs. Over 5,200 small businesses have opened or expanded on main streets in all 72 counties. After years of neglect, Wisconsin’s roads are finally being repaired, with nearly 5,000 miles of roads repaired and more projects underway. And more Wisconsinites are connected thanks to Gov. Evers’ investments in high-speed internet, connecting 387,000 homes and businesses across the state with reliable access.

Gov. Evers knows there is more work to be done – that’s why he’s running for re-election to continue doing the right thing and delivering results for our state. Over the coming weeks, Gov. Evers will continue to roll out his vision for Wisconsin.

“While Republicans want to divide us, I’m focused on delivering results that matter — that’s why we’re launching the Doing the Right Thing Agenda for Wisconsin. We have a strong record of getting things done for Wisconsin, including cutting income taxes for the middle class by 15 percent, expanding affordable internet access to 387,000 homes and businesses, and supporting family farms,” said Governor Tony Evers. “There’s a lot at stake and the choice on the ballot is clear. We can either go down a path where our communities are further divided and our rights are no longer guaranteed, or we can choose to keep doing the right thing for our state.”

To read more about the Doing the Right Thing Agenda, click here.

Highlights from the Doing the Right Thing Agenda:

Doing the Right Thing to Improve Education Quality

  • Investing in Mental Health Programming: Kids face mental health challenges, too, and it’s critical that they’re receiving the support they need to succeed in and out of the classroom. The governor will support long-term investments in his “Get Kids Ahead” initiative, which funds school-based mental health programming and staff in districts across the state.
  • Expanding Job Training and Apprenticeship Programs: College is a great option, but not always the best option for everyone. That’s why Gov. Evers will continue to invest in job training and apprenticeship programs that connect people with hands-on skills training for high-demand fields. Gov. Evers will also continue to support initiatives that help get parents connected with these programs across the state, ensuring that every student knows about the options available to them when they graduate high school.

Doing the Right Thing to Tackle Rising Costs

  • Gas Price Relief: Families need relief from record gas prices. That’s why he supports a temporary state gas tax holiday, with a clear end date and funding to backfill lost revenue for ongoing road and bridge repairs across the state. Gov. Evers also continues to support a repeal of the state’s Mandatory Markup law, which forces local gas stations to raise their prices by nearly 30 cents a gallon. This common sense measure has been supported by Republicans and Democrats and is long overdue to provide relief at the pump.
  • Child, Dependent Care Tax, and Caregiver Credit: Caregivers feel the impact of rising costs even more, that’s why Gov. Evers is committed to providing relief. The governor supports an expansion of the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, which will provide nearly $30 million in tax relief to more than 100,000 Wisconsinites. He will also continue to fight for a new tax credit for family caregivers, providing additional assistance to cover expenses incurred by those taking care of loved ones.
  • Prescription Drug Price Relief: The rising cost of prescription drugs are a burden on too many Wisconsin families. During his first term, Gov. Evers worked to expand SeniorCare to fully cover pharmacy vaccinations. In his second term, Gov. Evers will build on the reforms he’s already implemented and continue to work to cap the costs of prescription drugs and increase transparency in drug pricing across the state. Gov. Evers also supports capping insulin copays at $35.

Doing the Right Thing to Support Small Businesses and Family Farms

  • Growing Wisconsin’s Workforce and Filling Jobs: With near record-low unemployment, it’s critical to expand Wisconsin’s workforce to fill jobs and give small businesses the workers they need to operate and grow. That’s why Gov. Evers supports a regional approach that tackles specific challenges – like access to childcare, quality education for our kids, apprenticeship and job training programs, and more. He’ll continue to work with local partners and employers to find solutions that work.
  • Expand Wisconsin’s Main Street Bounceback Program: The Main Street Bounceback Program has transformed downtowns in cities and towns across Wisconsin.  This program provides grants to small businesses who open or expand into vacant storefronts, helping entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality and helping to revitalize our communities. Gov. Evers will continue to invest in this program and work to make Wisconsin the small business powerhouse of the midwest.
  • Made in Wisconsin: Gov. Evers will work with small businesses and family farms to create new local markets for Wisconsin-made and Wisconsin-grown products. By strengthening our supply chain and growing local markets, Wisconsin small businesses will have even greater opportunity to succeed.

Doing the Right Thing to Protect Access to Healthcare

  • Protect Reproductive Care: With the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, it’s never been more important to do everything in our power to protect access to reproductive care. Gov. Evers continues to fight Wisconsin’s 1849-era criminal abortion ban, which was passed before women had the right to vote and contains no exception for rape or incest. Governor Evers has also promised to provide clemency to physicians prosecuted and found guilty under this law. As the legal battle over this law continues, Gov. Evers will continue to take any action necessary to protect access to reproductive services, including abortion and contraceptive services.
  • Improved Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes: During his first term, Gov. Evers has prioritized improving access to maternal and infant health programs to improve outcomes. He remains committed to providing more resources to improve care for expectant and new mothers and improving the state’s maternal mortality rate, particularly in communities of color.

Doing the Right Thing to Keep Communities Safe

  • Universal Background Checks for Guns: Gov. Evers supports common sense gun safety measures, including a universal background check requirement for every gun purchased in Wisconsin, including guns bought at gun shows and online.
  • Red Flag Laws: It’s time for Wisconsin to adopt a common sense “Red Flag” law to improve public safety by temporarily removing guns from people who pose a danger to themselves or others. People in crisis should have access to mental health and treatment programs instead of posing a public safety threat to communities.
  • Additional Funding for Local Public Safety: For years under the previous administration, local governments were starved for funding from the state and asked to do more with less. Gov. Evers believes local governments know their communities and their needs best and should have the funding and support they need to support local priorities, including police and fire departments, and will continue to fight for increased support and funding from the state.