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Surplus, Low unemployment, Workforce Development

Wisconsin’s economy is better and stronger today than when I took office. That’s because we’ve done the right thing to support workers and small businesses across our state. Our work has paid off. Today, unemployment is at historic lows and we have the fewest number of unemployed people in our state’s history.

We also have a record-breaking projected surplus of $3.8 billion and our state’s “rainy day” fund is five times larger than when I took office, making it the largest in Wisconsin history.

But I know we have more work to do, especially when it comes to attracting new workers or finding solutions to fill job openings across the state. That’s why we’re taking common-sense steps, including:

  • Workforce Innovation Grant Program – This program funded 12 regional projects that are designed to address local barriers to filling jobs. From expanding child care to new worker training programs, these investments will help find common sense solutions that work in communities across Wisconsin.
  • Worker Advancement Initiative – Creates skills training and job opportunities for 2,300 Wisconsinites across the state. This cutting edge program is designed for people who have lost their previous job.
  • Worker Connection Program – Connects Wisconsinites who are looking for jobs with specialized career coaches to help them succeed.
  • Wisconsin Tomorrow Grant Program – Delivers more than $400 million to support small businesses by helping them hire employees, stock their shelves, and continue serving their communities.