Press Releases Gov. Evers’ Campaign Announces Ads Featuring Former President Barack Obama

MADISON, Wis. — Today, Governor Tony Evers’ campaign announced TV and radio ads featuring former President Barack Obama. The stakes are high this November — from abortion access to voting rights to public education. There’s a clear choice between doing the right thing for Wisconsin and Tim Michels’ radical agenda. 

Governor Tony Evers has brought people together to get things done for small businesses, working families, and public schools. He cut income taxes by 15%, invested record amounts in public education, helped open or expand more than 6,600 businesses across the state, and fixed nearly 5,000 miles of road. Wisconsin is stronger and better thanks to his leadership, with the highest number of people ever in our workforce, schools ranked in the top ten in the nation, and the largest rainy day fund in our state’s history.

Wisconsinites can trust Governor Evers to do the right thing — make a plan to vote today at

“Rather than focusing on what divides us, Governor Tony Evers is bringing people together to do the right thing for Wisconsin,” said Tony for Wisconsin Senior Advisor Sam Roecker. “The governor is honored to have former President Obama’s support and encourages people to get out and make their voices heard at the ballot box. The stakes have never been higher, whether it’s abortion access, voting rights, or public schools — Wisconsinites can trust that the governor will always put the will of the people first.”

Watch the ad here and view the transcript below.

Tony for Wisconsin: “Barack Obama”

Hey Wisconsin, do you have a plan to vote by November 8th?

If not, it’s important you make one.

If you care about protecting your right to vote, protecting access to abortion, and investing in our kids’ public education, you need to get out and vote for my friend Governor Tony Evers.

Tony is doing the right thing for Wisconsin.

He cares about people like you and he needs your support at the ballot box.

So don’t forget, don’t get too busy.

Make a plan, and go vote for Tony Evers by November 8th.