Press Releases Bipartisan National Security Group Endorses Gov. Evers

Evers is a patriot who understands that America is more than Red and Blue. He understands his job is to serve the people of Wisconsin, not his political party.”

MADISON, Wis. — National Security Leaders for America (NSL4A) — a bipartisan organization dedicated to supporting strong national security and healthy American democracy — has endorsed Governor Tony Evers.

Gov. Evers has been the last line of defense against radical bills that undermine our democratic institutions and infringe on Wisconsinites’ voting rights. As governor, he has stood up to multiple attempts to overturn the will of the people by undermining the results of the 2020 election, something Tim Michels still believes is on the table if he’s elected governor. Michels has not only spread dangerous misinformation on the 2020 election, he has refused to commit to accepting the results of the 2022 election.

This endorsement highlights Gov. Evers dedication to upholding the integrity of our state’s democracy and doing the right thing to protect the right of every eligible voter to participate in our elections.

NSL4A is comprised of more than 500 former senior leaders from the military and national security- related government agencies, as well as elected officials at the state and local levels. It includes retired general and flag officers, ambassadors, cabinet and service secretaries, appointed and elected officials, and members of the Senior Executive Service.

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“After years of service to this nation, we know moral courage when we see it. Tony Evers has the moral courage necessary to take on the most pressing threats to our essential yet fragile democracy. Evers is a patriot who understands that America is more than Red and Blue. He understands his job is to serve the people of Wisconsin, not his political party.

“Many of us have served in dangerous assignments overseas. We know what happens when party loyalties replace patriotism. We know what happens when people decide violence is acceptable.

“We support Tony Evers because he understands that we cannot allow that to happen here. As a former school teacher and high school principal, Evers understands the importance of sharing truthful information with the people he leads and providing everyone with an opportunity to make their voices heard. His opponent, Tim Michels, is an election denier who supports political gerrymandering and voter suppression.

“As former national security leaders, we all took oaths, the same oaths Evers’s opponent took during his military service. Those oaths were not to an individual or a party. They were to the Constitution and the nation of laws it embodies. To this day, our oaths dictate our actions. By his actions supporting gerrymandering, denying the result of the 2020 presidential election, and promoting voter suppression, Michels demonstrates his loyalty lies with a political party, not our U.S. Constitution.

“Our oaths and our values dictate we support Tony Evers for Governor of Wisconsin. We hope your patriotism and your values guide you to vote for Tony Evers as well.”

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