Press Releases Gov. Evers’ Campaign Responds to Serious Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination at Michels Corporation

MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday, CBS 58 reported Tim Michels’ corporation faced a troubling series of sexual harassment and racial discrimination allegations over the last several decades. Michels needs to give Wisconsinites a straight answer for the behavior that happened under his leadership of the company.

Michels has closely tied his campaign to his family’s company, even using the Michels Corp. logo as his campaign logo. He even said during a major campaign speech, “We know at Michels Corporation if you take care of people, good things will happen,” and has in the past described himself as being “responsible for everything” at Michels Corp., including worker safety. Women at Michels Corp alleged male superiors groped and assaulted them, and said they faced verbal and physical abuse. Michels Corp was also sued by Black workers over racial hostility they said they faced on the job, “including a report of a noose found near a jobsite.”

Tony for Wisconsin Campaign Manager Cassi Fenili released the following statement:

“Culture starts at the top, which is why these allegations of harassment and discrimination at the Michels Corporation are extremely disturbing. Wisconsinites have serious questions about what kind of leader Tim Michels would be. Sexual harassment and racial discrimination should never be tolerated, and voters deserve a straight answer from Tim Michels about what went on under his leadership. Michels’ divisive rhetoric, radical beliefs, and refusal to lead show he’s the wrong choice for governor.”