WSAW Gov. Evers announces $600M plan to help Wisconsin working families

By: Nolan Bulmahn

Published: Aug. 23, 2022

Gov. Tony Evers announced his plan to help working families with the state’s budget surplus, where $600 million will be invested into fixing significant state issues.

The governor visited Wausau City Hall this morning to hold a roundtable meeting with city leaders and receive feedback regarding the plan.

The plan focuses on cutting taxes, lowering gas prices, increasing insulin copays, and improving child care access.

With the lack of child care in particular, it’s forced parents to make unfortunate sacrifices.

“I cannot even imagine living in this world trying to raise a child,” says Shannon Graff, Community Development Specialist, City of Wausau. “Choosing groceries, medications, something, over my child or over housing or over something else.”

However, with Gov. Evers and his $600 million pledge towards issues like child care, it’s giving local families reasons for hope.

“It’s honestly very emotional to me because there are so many facets of the people that were in there that I have personally experienced,” says Graff.

The average Wausau family income is roughly $65,000, but Gov. Evers’ plan ensures it benefits everyone involved no matter how much they make.