WBAY Gov. Evers promotes plan for tax cuts during Green Bay roundtable

Published: Aug. 15, 2022

Gov. Tony Evers is proposing tax cuts for Wisconsin citizens amid rising costs for goods.

He says his plan would deliver a 15 percent income tax cut to most Wisconsinites, as well as gas price relief, prescription drug relief, and caregiver credit.

The cuts would be paid for with the state’s $5.4 billion surplus in the most recent budget.

He told voters in Green Bay he’s expecting to see support for his plan.

“I do believe we’re going to get some support because we do have a surplus. We can meet some initial investments in these things and make lives better for people who are hanging on the edge, one trip in the ambulance from losing your small business,” the governor said.

In the past, Evers signed a bill providing one of the largest small business tax cuts in state history, investing over $1 billion to help during the fluctuations in supply and demand.