Press Releases ICYMI: Gov. Evers Announces More EMS Funding for Rural Communities

In case you missed it, Governor Tony Evers announced an $8 million investment in emergency services across Wisconsin and toured EMS providers in Peshtigo, Westby, and Wausau, where he was able to see how funding from EMS grants are benefitting the three rural communities. The investment is a part of the nearly $30 million funding that Gov. Evers announced this past February in his 2022 State of the State Address

With over $3 million in grants, Peshtigo was able to expand telemedicine and add two EMS facilities. In Westby, a $15,000 grant was used toward purchasing a new CPR device. And in Wausau, the Wausau Fire Department will be receiving up to $32,800 through FAP grants and the supplemental funding to continue their work in the community.

Gov. Evers believes that every person should have access to emergency services, no matter where they live, and that we must help lift the burden off our EMS providers who have been working diligently to keep Wisconsin safe. 

Read more about how Gov. Evers is doing the right thing to invest in emergency services all over Wisconsin: 

The Cap Times: Evers announces more EMS funding in Wisconsin

  • “I really feel like the governor and the DHS secretary are really listening to us as leaders, but then also the people who’re out on the street doing the work…The announcement that we’re going to receive (almost) $33,000 is a great announcement for us, and the fact that we can use that money to buy some needed equipment and provide some much needed additional training.”

WMTV: EMS providers across Wisconsin receive funding for support, stability

  • “‘Our first responders play an absolutely vital role in the safety and security of our communities, and no matter what the emergency or where we live, we count on EMS providers to be there for us when we need them most,’” Gov. Evers said. ‘But for too long, EMS providers and our local partners have been doing more with less, having to make tough decisions and even reduce or cut services that keep our communities safe.’”

The Eagle Herald: Evers: EMS providers to get help

  • “While there, the governor announced that 10 local providers in Marinette County will be eligible to receive nearly $244,000 in supplemental funding, bringing the total funding available for providers in Marinette County through the FAP grants to more than $307,000—nearly five times more than they would have originally received without the governor’s supplemental investment.”