Press Releases Gov. Evers Calls Special Session to Repeal 173-Year Old Criminal Abortion Ban

“This isn’t about politics — it’s about empathy, compassion, and doing the right thing for Wisconsin.” — Gov. Evers

MILWAUKEE, Wis — Today, Governor Tony Evers signed an executive order calling a special session of the Wisconsin State Legislature to take up legislation to repeal Wisconsin’s 173-year old criminal abortion ban. The Supreme Court is positioning itself to overturn Roe v. Wade — and Gov. Evers has said all along that he will never stop fighting to defend reproductive healthcare and abortion access. 

Gov. Evers believes that Wisconsin should continue moving forward, but if Roe v. Wade is overturned, Wisconsin’s archaic centuries-old abortion ban could go back into effect — effectively turning back the clock on reproductive healthcare access by more than 50 years. 

During his first term, Gov. Evers has vetoed nine anti-abortion bills, and last month, Gov. Evers led a coalition of governors calling on Congress to protect reproductive freedom and pass the Women’s Health Protection Act. 

“Every single Wisconsinite should have the right to consult their family, their faith, and their doctor to make a reproductive healthcare decision that is right for them. And every single Wisconsinite should be able to make that deeply personal decision without interference from politicians who don’t know anything about their life circumstances, values, or responsibilities,” said Gov. Evers. “We cannot allow our kids and grandkids to grow up in a world where they have fewer rights than we did growing up. That’s not the future we’ve promised them. And it’s not the future they deserve.”

See below for a roundup of coverage on Gov. Evers calling a special session to repeal Wisconsin’s 173-year old criminal abortion ban.

WISN: Gov. Evers calls for special session to repeal Wisconsin’s criminal abortion law

  • “Gov. Tony Evers announced Wednesday during a news conference in Milwaukee that he is calling the Legislature into a special session to repeal Wisconsin’s 172-year-old criminal abortion ban.”

Channel 3000: Evers calls special session to repeal 1849 law that criminalizes abortion in Wisconsin

  • “Evers said Wednesday he’s calling the session because he believes families should have the choice to do what is right for them, instead of having the decision made for them.” 

AP: Wisconsin governor asks GOP to repeal dormant abortion ban

  • “‘We can’t wait for this decision to arrive on our doorstep,’ Evers said. ‘We must act now.’”

Wisconsin State Journal: Tony Evers calls GOP Legislature into special session to repeal Wisconsin abortion ban

  • “[Gov. Evers’] stance stands in contrast with those of the the Republican gubernatorial candidates challenging him, all of whom have anti-abortion rights stances.”