Press Releases ICYMI: Gov. Evers Launches Milwaukee Coordinated Campaign Office

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — On Saturday, Governor Tony Evers and County Executive David Crowley launched the Forward for Wisconsin coordinated campaign office in Milwaukee. 

The historically unmatched midterm coordinated campaign, Forward for Wisconsin, will help re-elect Gov. Evers and elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

By registering, persuading, and turning out voters across Wisconsin, Forward for Wisconsin will expand upon the winning coalitions from 2018 and 2020 while making early and significant investments in communities of color and tribal and rural communities, build a robust campus organizing program, and fully fund a voter protection program that will ensure Wisconsinites’ right to vote and ensure fair and free elections.

“More than ever, it’s critical that we work together and continue to do the right thing for Wisconsin. Elections in our state always come down to a handful of votes, and organizing early is crucial to make sure we are successful again in 2022,” said Gov. Evers. “That’s why I’m proud to be joining you to launch Forward for Wisconsin, the largest coordinated campaign in the history of our state.”