Press Releases Gov. Tony Evers Raises $10 Million in 2021; Reports Record-Breaking $10.5 Million Cash On Hand

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Tony Evers will report raising more than $5 million during the second half of 2021, bringing his total raised in 2021 to more than $10 million — the most any governor has ever raised in the year before an election in Wisconsin history. Gov. Evers will also report having a record-breaking $10.5 million in the bank going into the election year.

“Folks across Wisconsin are standing with Governor Evers and supporting his re-election because they know he’s doing the right thing for Wisconsin and delivering on the promises he made to improve education, grow our economy, fix roads and bridges across the state, and bring Wisconsin together,” said Tony for Wisconsin Campaign Manager Cassi Fenili. “Our fundraising success highlights the overwhelming grassroots support Governor Evers has earned by bringing common sense solutions and Wisconsin values back to the governor’s office. Wisconsinites know how important it is to re-elect Governor Evers and continue moving Wisconsin forward.”

The finance report, which includes contributions from July through December 2021, will show that Gov. Evers has received more than 38,000 donations during the period, including contributions from all 72 counties. During the course of 2021, Gov. Evers received contributions from more than 32,000 donors.

Gov. Evers’ record-breaking $10.5 million in the bank is twice as much as what Scott Walker had on hand at this point in both 2014 and 2018 ahead of his re-election campaigns.

Since announcing his re-election earlier this year, Gov. Evers has continued to expand his team and invest in crucial grassroots organizing that’s reaching out to voters in every corner of the state. This fundraising report is just another sign that Wisconsinites are fired up and ready to re-elect Gov. Evers.