Cap Times Tony Evers is running for reelection. Is he up for the fight?

By: Jack Kelly
December 1, 2021

A quiet Gov. Tony Evers sat in the back seat of his usual blacked-out SUV, his head and shoulders outlined by the sun pouring through the car’s window. The car was parked on the side of the road just blocks away from his next stump stop in Milwaukee. On one side of the street was an industrial building from yesteryear; on the other, a small, cream-colored house with an overgrown yard.

In a rare occurrence in politics, the governor was ahead of schedule during a multi-city swing for a series of canvassing and campaign events. Timing is everything in politics — so to avoid spoiling the spectacle of his arrival at the next stop, he sat, patient and silent, as his staff mused in the car’s third row.

After a few moments, he ruffled through his briefcase — a worn, gray bag you’d expect to find at the feet of a schoolteacher and, maybe not, a governor (Evers, of course, began his professional career in education working as a teacher).