Tony Evers
for Wisconsin

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Meet Tony

“I’m running for Governor because I’ve always believed that what’s best for kids is what’s best for our community. We need real change here in Wisconsin. We must invest in our schools, grow the economy, and rebuild the middle class”

I’ve been an educator my entire adult life. Some of the most meaningful moments in my life happened in the classroom. I met my wife Kathy in Mrs. Potter’s kindergarten class in my hometown of Plymouth, Wisconsin. My first job was teaching science in Baraboo. Before becoming State Superintendent, I was a high school principal in Tomah, and I ran school districts in Oakfield and Verona. As Superintendent, I’ve worked to ensure every child in Wisconsin can get a world class education by creating a public school system that is fair for all.

I’m not only an educator – I’m also a parent. My three kids attended public schools in communities around the state. No matter where the Evers family ended up, we were welcomed by the community. That culture of acceptance is part of what makes Wisconsin special. It’s also something that’s been missing from our state the last seven years.

I believe that we are stronger when we look out for each other. I’ve been elected State Superintendent three times by a coalition of Democrats, independents, and Republicans because I know how to treat my political opponents with respect without sacrificing my progressive values. I’ve worked across party lines to get things done for our kids. As governor, I will use these skills to end the divisiveness that has consumed our state since Scott Walker became governor.

I’m running for governor because I believe what’s best for kids is best for our state. We must invest in our schools, grow the economy and rebuild the middle class. Since Scott Walker became governor, we haven’t been investing enough in our kids. We haven’t been investing in our future. I’ve watched voters in over half the school districts in Wisconsin vote to raise their own taxes because our governor and state Legislature have failed to provide for our public schools. We can do better.

I’m committed to creating an economy that works for everybody. That means investing to develop the skilled workforce we need to attract new industries and good-paying jobs to Wisconsin. That means working with companies that fulfill their promises and pay their employees a family-supporting wage. That means expanding access to quality healthcare, while lowering cost and making sure we don’t return to the days when getting sick meant going bankrupt.

As governor, I will focus on solving problems, not starting fights. I’ve spent most of the last decade running an organization of 400 people, with responsibility over 70,000 educators and 860,000 students throughout the state. I am ready to be Governor on day one. I would appreciate your support.

Tony for Wisconsin
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Madison, WI 53701-1879