Gov. Tony Evers is doing the right thing for Vernon County and all of Wisconsin

Gov. Tony Evers is doing the right thing for Vernon County and all of Wisconsin. Under his leadership, 24 Vernon County small businesses have opened their doors or expanded and Vernon County businesses have received an additional 816 grants to help pay bills, stock shelves, hire employees, and more. He has also followed through on his promise to expand high-speed internet access by investing $997,540 in Vernon County projects alone, extending internet access to approximately 492 residential locations and approximately 115 businesses. Across Wisconsin, Gov. Evers continues to deliver results. 86% of Wisconsinites have received a 15% income tax cut or more, unemployment is at historic lows, and our schools are ranked among the top 10 in the nation. Gov. Evers has brought Republicans and Democrats together to do the right thing for communities and families in Vernon County, and he’s just getting started.

Gov. Evers Delivers for Vernon County

In the summer of 2021, the governor visited Vernon County, stopping at Peters Farm as part of his announcement of $50 million in direct support payments to farmers through a new round of his Wisconsin Farm Support Program. Through the most recent round of the governor’s Farm Support Program, more than 20,000 farmers received direct assistance. In total, the governor has allocated more than $100 million in federal funding to support Wisconsin’s farmers and agricultural industry.