Find out the truth about Tony and his record:


  • Scott Walker is lying about Tony’s plans because he can’t defend his record of slashing investments in things families care about and passing the buck on to local communities.

  • Tony believes in a tax code that reduces taxes on middle class Wisconsinites and where tax dollars go to the priorities of Wisconsin families: quality public schools, lowering health costs, and better roads.

  • Because of Walker’s drastic cuts, more than 1 million Wisconsinites have gone to referendum to fund their schools. And more than 20 municipalities have voted to raise their own taxes to fix their roads due to Walker’s inaction.

  •  Walker’s attacks on the gas tax are simply untrue. Even Mark Gottlieb, Walker’s former Secretary of Transportation, called these attacks “fear mongering.” Tony believes we need bipartisan, long-term solutions to fix our roads.

Scott Walker's False Attacks on Tony About Teacher Licenses

  • Tony has spent his lifetime as an educator. These disgusting ads are more false attacks from Scott Walker who knows he can’t win on the issues.

  • As a Constitutional officer, Tony follows the law, and he’s revoked more than 1,000 licenses as state superintendent.

  • But when he recognized there was a legal loophole that prevented him from acting, he worked with Republicans and Democrats to change the law and ensure we hold bad actors accountable.

  •  Read the Politifact Wisconsin article that details the case.  They found Walker’s ads to be mostly false.  Read it here.

Scott Walker's False Attacks on Tony About Prisons

  • No, this is another false attack from Scott Walker to distract from his record.  Tony believes that violent criminals should stay in prison where they belong.

  • Scott Walker’s corrections mismanagement has cost Wisconsin millions and made us less safe–even Republicans are criticizing him for it.

  • However, Tony agrees with former GOP Governor Tommy Thompson that we should try to reduce the prison population with reforms that focus on non-violent offenders and save taxpayers money.


POLITIFACT: Scott Walker misleads in claiming Tony Evers could have revoked teacher license in porn viewing case

"A teacher watched hard-core pornography in his classroom," along with other inappropriate behavior, but Tony Evers didn't revoke the teacher's license and "the teacher is still in the classroom."