Gov. Evers will keep working for Wisconsinites

Tony Has Helped Moved Wisconsin Forward

Since taking office in 2019, Gov. Evers has accomplished a lot for the people of Wisconsin

Governor Evers’ steady leadership continues to move Wisconsin forward. His bold plans are giving Wisconsin families and small businesses the tools they need to bounce back from this pandemic better than before, with new opportunities for folks in every corner of the state. During his first term, he has already started delivering on the promises he made to Wisconsinites in 2018 and his latest budget proposal includes wildly popular proposals to expand healthcare access, support small businesses, invest in schools, and continue Wisconsin’s recovery.

Even up against opposition from the Republican legislature and conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court, Governor Evers has led the state’s pandemic response by following the science and empowering healthcare professionals. Wisconsin’s vaccine rollout has been one of the best in the nation, even earning praise from Republican legislators. With a strong vaccination program, Wisconsinites are getting back to work – the state has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation and saw fewer job losses during the pandemic than neighboring states.

Read below about the accomplishments of the administration over the last two years:

Delivering $1 Billion in Tax Relief

During his first term, Governor Evers delivered on his promise to lower taxes for working families, providing over half a billion dollars in tax relief in his first budget. Now, to help Wisconsin small businesses bounce back, he has signed a $450 million small business tax cut and additional relief for low-income families.

Fixing the Foxconn Deal

After years of broken promises, the governor was able to renegotiate Scott Walker’s failed agreement with Foxconn. Governor Evers’ leadership will save taxpayers $2.77 billion while protecting the existing investments that have been made in the project.

Investing in Roads

Governor Evers promised to fix Wisconsin’s aging infrastructure, and he’s already making historic investments to make it happen. His first budget included nearly a half-billion dollars in transportation funding, and even during the pandemic hundreds of road improvement projects were moving forward, some under budget and ahead of schedule. 

Expanding Broadband

Governor Evers knows that connecting our communities and small businesses with high-speed broadband is critical for creating opportunities across Wisconsin. In his first budget, he passed the largest broadband investment in state history, expanding access to 9,300 businesses and 150,000 homes. His latest budget proposal includes an even larger investment and the governor has declared 2021 the Year of Broadband Access. 

What’s Best for Our Kids Is Best For Our State

Governor Evers has always believed that what’s best for our kids is what’s best for the state. In his first term, he passed a historic increase in K-12 public education funding, and increased the state’s investment in the UW college system and Wisconsin’s community colleges. His latest budget restores the state’s historic two-thirds funding commitment to K-12 schools, which has been supported by a Republican-led bipartisan panel.

Pulled Wisconsin Out of Scott Walker’s Lawsuit against Obamacare

On day one, my administration pulled Wisconsin out of the Republican-led lawsuit that sought to end Obamacare and protections for Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions.

Created Blue Ribbon Panel on Agriculture and Rural Issues

In January 2020, Governor Evers announced the creation of both the Office of Rural Prosperity at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and a Blue Ribbon Commission on Rural Prosperity. The Commission’s focus is to center rural voices in developing long-term strategies on how we can best support the needs of rural Wisconsinites and rural communities.

We’re just getting started. We have more work to do, together.


  • We helped those who served our country by passing the largest-ever state-funded increase to support veterans.
  • We pardoned folks for the first time in eight years. People deserve forgiveness and I believe firmly in the power of redemption.
  • We signed a bill to train commercial drivers on recognizing and preventing human trafficking in Wisconsin.
  • We visited all 72 counties in Wisconsin in my first year, to make sure we make time for all of Wisconsin.
  • We signed a bill to make it easier for folks with disabilities to vote.
  • We signed an executive order prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ people within state agencies, state contractors, and state grantees.
  • We made sure the words “climate change” no longer went unspoken in the Governor’s Office. Instead of burying our heads in the sand, we recognize that climate change is real and we are doing something about it.
  • We increased funding for Wisconsin’s state parks.
  • We provided the highest-ever level of investment in the Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) program which provides our criminal justice system with alternatives to incarceration and the largest increase ever for the Opening Avenues to Reentry Success program.
  • We increased investments in both mental health and substance abuse services.