Broadband internet is an essential resource for schools, businesses and homes. Without fast internet, rural communities, farms, businesses and students will always be at a disadvantage.  Barely a month into his governorship, Scott Walker’s administration returned $23 million in federal stimulus money that would have built broadband connections for 380 Wisconsin communities — including 385 libraries and 82 schools.

Tony knows how important broadband internet is for everyone in rural Wisconsin and he’ll make it a priority to re-invest in internet access for everyone. Every home, school and business in Wisconsin should have access to 100 MB of high speed internet.  Internet is the interstate of the 21st Century, we must begin treating it like a utility to which all Wisconsinites deserve access.

As Governor, Tony will:

  • Call for a complete analysis of broadband needs in rural communities
  • Treat the Internet like a utility and through robust investments and partnerships dramatically improve broadband internet access in underserved areas
  • Advance policy to allow Wisconsin’s successful and efficient BadgerNet internet system to become a hub for internet access in underserved rural communities