As Governor, Tony will focus on solving problems, not picking fights.  One of Tony’s top priorities is solving Wisconsin’s transportation crisis.  Our road quality ranks 44th in the country; towns and villages are returning to gravel and we’re borrowing so much money that Tony’s three-year-old grandson will be paying for our roads when he’s grown-up.  Our local roads have been so inadequately funded, five counties and 18 cities have passed vehicle fees and taxes since 2011 to help cover road maintenance costs because the state has fallen down on the job.

There are bipartisan long-term solutions for Wisconsin’s transportation system; however, Scott Walker hasn’t shown the political will to get it done.  Drawing a line in the sand is not leadership.

Not only do we need to improve Wisconsin’s roads; we need to make strong investments in Wisconsin’s ports, airports and railways.  A strong infrastructure is more than just patching potholes.  It is key for successful economic development – both in terms of drawing new businesses to Wisconsin, expanding existing businesses in Wisconsin and creating good-paying Wisconsin jobs.

As Governor, Tony will:

  • Work with both Democrats and Republicans alike to implement a sustainable, long-term fix for how we fund our roads
  • Invest more in local road maintenance
  • Increase funding for public transit
  • Ensure our highways and bridges are no longer a liability, but an asset for bringing new industries and businesses to Wisconsin
  • Repeal changes made to Wisconsin’s prevailing wage laws that simply take money out of Wisconsin’s workers’ pockets