As a former educator, principal, district administrator and now as Wisconsin’s State Superintendent of Schools, Tony has dedicated his life to helping our kids.  Our public schools are the heart and soul of so many Wisconsin communities, but they also are essential to sustainable, innovative and long-term economic growth and workforce development.

From “Divide and Conquer” with our educators to cutting over $800 million from our schools, Scott Walker has not been a friend of public education.  Since 2011, over one million Wisconsinites have voted to raise their own property taxes because Scott Walker and the Republican legislature have not adequately funded our public schools.

Tony believes what’s best for our kids is what’s best for our future.  

As Governor, Tony will:

  • Increase investments in early childhood education and quality childcare, which includes helping Wisconsin families with skyrocketing childcare costs
  • Increase funding for our public schools and restore respect and professionalism towards all our hardworking educators
  • Increase investments in both our technical schools and University of Wisconsin (UW) System
  • Support and reward research and innovation from student and faculty alike, and after graduation keep our young people in Wisconsin
  • Allow Wisconsinites to refinance their student loans at a lower interest rate, just like a home mortgage

As a member of the Board of Regents, Tony has seen firsthand the damage Scott Walker has inflicted on higher education in Wisconsin, cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from our UW System. When other states began reinvesting in higher education, Wisconsin chose not to and it’s resulted in fewer classes and quality educators for our kids.  Our possibilities are not limited; it’s time we look to the future.