Thank you for supporting Governor Tony Evers’ re-election by circulating nomination papers. Please read the important instructions below.


You can begin circulating nomination papers on Friday, April 15th.
Any signatures collected before April 15th are not legal and will not be accepted by the campaign. 

  • Circulators and signers must be 18 years of age or older and eligible to vote in the State of Wisconsin. 
  • As a circulator, you must witness the signature for it to be valid. Please do not leave nomination papers unattended. 
  • Please ensure that signers legibly and completely fill out the form.
    • The first five boxes are required (Signature, Printed Name, Address, Municipality, and Date).
      • Phone and email under “additional contact information” are optional.
    • Each person must indicate their house number & street name or rural route. PO Boxes are not acceptable addresses.
    • The signer must use their address and municipality of residence, not their mailing address (if the two are different).
      • For example, the voter could have a Sun Prairie mailing address and live in the Town of Burke. Town of Burke is the municipality of residence/ their voting address and what is needed.
    • Date of signing:
      • Please double check that each signer indicates the correct date. 
  • As a circulator, once you’ve completed a sheet or are done collecting signatures, you must complete the “certification of circulator” on the bottom of the form saying you personally obtained each signature.
    Please read the certification carefully and follow its requirements.

    • Please legibly write with your name, address of residence, signature, and date.
    • The circulator must sign and date the certification only after obtaining signatures.
  • Circulators and signers can only circulate or sign nomination papers for one candidate for each office.
  • Please do not number the pages on the bottom of the form. The campaign will number the pages prior to submitting them.
  • We can only accept original forms. Copies and scans cannot be accepted. 

Please mail completed forms by Friday, May 20th, 2022 to: 

Tony for Wisconsin
PO Box 1879
Madison, WI 53701 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Email [email protected] or call 608-888-1665.