VIDEO: Evers Campaign Releases Behind the Scenes Footage of Ed Wall Detailing Secret Meeting with Tommy Thompson

October 11, 2018

Madison – Today, the Tony for Wisconsin campaign released behind the scenes footage from its digital ad featuring former Walker cabinet appointee Ed Wall. Wall, the former Corrections Secretary, discusses Walker’s refusal to entertain any reforms to the Department of Corrections.

Wall shares that he was part of a private meeting called by former GOP Governor Tommy Thompson who was also concerned with Walker’s corrections agenda. Gov. Thompson has since publicly called for reforms to reduce the incarceration rate for non-violent offenders.

Watch the video here.

In a separate video, Wall also highlighted Walker’s much-maligned announcement that he saw no reason to visit a state prison. Watch that video here.

“I repeatedly asked him to come visit the Department of Corrections, visit an institution to see what we were dealing with, to see what the manpower shortage was like,” said Wall. “I asked him to go Lincoln Hills specifically because it was such a huge issue in the news that I thought he needed to see what the situation and the circumstances were there. He absolutely refused to go.”

And why did Walker refused to visit a prison? “He’s terrified of them,” said Wall.

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