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Gov. Tony Evers is doing the right thing for Marathon County and all of Wisconsin

Gov. Tony Evers is doing the right thing for Marathon County and all of Wisconsin. Under his leadership, 68 Marathon County small businesses have opened their doors or expanded and Marathon County businesses have received an additional 2,424 grants to help pay bills, stock shelves, hire employees, and more. He has also followed through on his promise to expand high-speed internet access by investing $359,774 in Marathon County projects alone, extending internet access to more than 203 residential locations and over 8 businesses. Across Wisconsin, Gov. Evers continues to deliver results. 86% of Wisconsinites have received a 15% income tax cut or more, unemployment is at historic lows, and our schools are ranked among the top 10 in the nation. Gov. Evers has brought Republicans and Democrats together to do the right thing for communities and families in Marathon County, and he’s just getting started.

Gov. Evers Delivers for Marathon County

In March 2021, Gov. Evers visited Bridge Clinic in Wausau to celebrate their COVID-19 vaccination efforts and to sign a bill to increase transparency in prescription drug supply chains and help control out-of-pocket costs for patients.

At the Wausau City Hall, Gov. Evers announced his “Less for Rx” Prescription Drug Plan to reduce the price of prescription drugs and ensure Wisconsinites have access to quality, affordable healthcare, including life-saving medications and insulin.