Thanks to Gov. Evers common sense leadership, Wisconsin’s economy is booming. Today, the state has the largest projected surplus in state history: $3.8 Billion. Not only that, but the state’s unemployment rate is one of the lowest rates in our history and the rainy day fund is more than five times larger today than when Gov. Evers was sworn in – and the largest balance in state history.

Not only is Wisconsin’s economy booming, we have the resources to give the surplus back to taxpayers. Under Gov. Evers’ plan, Wisconsin families would be given back money now to help them pay bills and address rising costs. Specifically, the governor has called on the legislature to give a portion of the surplus back to Wisconsinites through the following programs:

  • $150 tax rebate for every Wisconsin tax filer and each of their dependents – that’s $600 back for a family of four
  • Expand the Child and Dependent Care Credit, giving an average of $274 back to more than 100,000 Wisconsinites
  • Create a new $100 million Caregiver Tax Credit, benefiting approximately 370,000 tax filers
  • Nearly $750 million to improve education quality while keeping property taxes down