Recent years have made it even more clear that Wisconsin communities need to be connected to the rest of the state, and the rest of the world, to thrive. That’s why Gov. Evers has already made historic investments to expand high-speed internet access and repair the state’s roads and bridges after years of neglect.

Thanks to his leadership, more than 1,700 miles of roads and nearly 1,300 bridges have already been repaired. But this is just the beginning, and Gov. Evers will continue to invest in these critical projects to fix Wisconsin’s roads and improve the resiliency of our infrastructure.

Gov. Evers is also working to ensure universal access to affordable, high-speed internet in Wisconsin. With state and federal investments, Gov. Evers is already on his way to connecting more than 300,000 homes and businesses that previously lacked high-speed access. In addition to expanding access, he will continue to support programs to make fast and reliable internet affordable for everyone in our state.