Gov. Evers believes that every neighborhood and street should be safe, no matter where you live in the state. As governor, he has worked closely with stakeholders across the state to identify and invest in solutions to improve public safety. Under his leadership, the state has made direct investments in programs like Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention and the statewide Violence Prevention Program, to give them the resources to tackle the root causes of violence. He has also directed millions to support organizations and programs that assist victims of crime, to make sure they have the support and tools they need to recover.

In his first two budgets, Gov. Evers proposed increasing support for local municipalities, providing more funding that cities and towns can use to address local challenges, including funding for first responders. For more than a decade, the legislature has failed to give a meaningful increase to local funding for these programs, but Gov. Evers will continue to work with legislative leaders to secure the funding local communities need.

In his recent State of the State address, Gov. Evers also announced funding to expand emergency medical services across the state. Without funding from the legislature, communities have been asked to do more with less, this $30 million investment is helping ensure that calls for help are answered by expanding EMS service across Wisconsin.