Government For Us Agenda

For the past eight years, Wisconsin’s state government has been used to curry political favors, prioritize special interests, usurp local control, and undermine our state’s rich tradition of transparency and accountability.

It’s time to put government back to work for the people of Wisconsin.

Tony believes we need a state government that will be a good steward of our tax dollars, is representative of and responsive to hardworking taxpayers, and fights for the needs of Wisconsin families.

Tough Measures To Hold Agencies Accountable

  • Tony supports creating a new independent Office of the Inspector General to ensure families have an independent, nonpartisan watchdog keeping an eye on our Wisconsin government.
  • Tony will direct agencies to fully comply with LAB audits and prohibit agencies from withholding documents from independent review.
  • Tony will replace WEDC with a new, public economic development agency that’s accountable to Wisconsin taxpayers.

Responsible Use of Taxpayer Dollars

  • Tony’s administration will be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars cutting out wasteful spending such as overpayments on road projects, overuse of the state plane, and commemorative coins with the agency motto.
  • Tony supports restoring the False Claims Act to ensure corporations and insurance companies are held accountable for defrauding Wisconsin taxpayers. Repeal of the False Claims Act has cost Wisconsin taxpayers more than $11 million since 2015.

Ending Secretive NDAs & Legislative Fast Tracking

  • Tony will ensure transparency by prohibiting expansive, arbitrary NDAs. Agency staff are required to keep personally identifiable information confidential under state and federal law, and NDAs could be used to limit public transparency.
  • Tony supports a mandatory 48 hour “cooling off” period between public hearings on legislation and executive action by committees to ensure opportunities for public weigh-in.

Protecting Our Right To Vote & Creating Fair Election Maps

  • Tony will make voting easier by supporting automatic voter registration, expanding eligible IDs for voting, and calling special elections in a timely fashion.
  • Tony will support nonpartisan, independent redistricting. The legislative maps would be drawn by an independent commission who are not affiliated with any political party, lobbying group, labor union or other entities with a vested interest in drawing voting boundaries.

Appointing Qualified Professionals & Respecting Public Service

  • Tony will appoint qualified professionals drawn from diverse leaders across Wisconsin to lead state agencies, fill judicial and law enforcement vacancies, and serve on boards and commissions.
  • Tony will end the politicization of state agencies by strengthening the civil service hiring and restoring respect for science at the Department of Natural Resources. He will ensure government works for us, not special interests.