Press Releases Governor Evers’ Campaign Announces “Small Businesses For Tony”

Over 100 small business owners have endorsed Governor Evers’ re-election campaign.

MADISON, Wis. — Today, over 100 small business owners across Wisconsin are endorsing Governor Tony Evers’ re-election campaign because he’s doing the right thing for small businesses, our state, and our economy. 

Small businesses are the backbone of our state and economy — Gov. Evers understands that. During his first term, Gov. Evers has delivered over a billion dollars in funding to small businesses — including grants to more than 5,200 small businesses who have opened or expanded brick and mortar locations on Main Streets in all 72 counties. These businesses have helped our communities by creating jobs and ensuring a stable local economy.

In Gov. Evers’ Doing the Right Thing agenda, he highlights his plan to continue investing into small businesses — adding additional funding to the successful Main Street Bounceback program, filling jobs, creating new markets for Wisconsin-made goods, and expanding high-speed internet to rural communities. 

View the full list of Small Businesses for Tony here.

“Wisconsin’s economy is strong, we are resilient, and our small businesses are growing at a record pace,” said Governor Tony Evers. “Wisconsin’s economic strength is built around small businesses and working families, and they need to be supported. That’s why in the last three years I gave Wisconsinites the funding and support they need to create jobs and build their local community — there is still more to be done and I promise to continue to do the right thing for Wisconsin.”

Read on to hear why small businesses across Wisconsin are supporting Gov. Evers:

“Confectionately Yours supports Governor Evers because he has shown his commitment to the growth and sustainability of small businesses and we are forever grateful,” said Adija Greer-Smith, owner of Confectionately Yours in Milwaukee

“As a small business owner, we’ve been through a lot the last few years, and while there’s work to do, Gov. Evers is authentically committed to do the right thing for small businesses,” said Ashley Prange, owner of Au Naturale Cosmetics in Green Bay. “From cutting taxes to expanding access to capital for small businesses, Gov. Evers is fighting for us — and I’m voting whole heartedly for him this November.”

“The stakes are high this November, and our governor is focused on doing the right thing for small businesses,” said Megan Knoll, co-owner of 3rd and Vine in Eau Claire. “Tony Evers invested more than a billion dollars to help small businesses prevent layoffs and create jobs, and he’s establishing Wisconsin as the small business powerhouse of the Midwest.

“In Wisconsin, small businesses and small business owners are thriving — boosting the economy, creating jobs, spurring growth and building new opportunities for the communities they serve,” said Matt and Clare Stoner Fehsenfeld, owners of The Quince and Apple Company in Madison. “As the husband-and-wife duo behind The Quince and Apple Company, we’re grateful for Gov. Tony Evers’ investments in small businesses and for continuing to do the right thing.”

“We are co-owners of two galleries in Washburn that have benefited greatly from the support from Governor Evers’ policies and programs during the difficult economic times for everyone as a result of the covid pandemic,said Susan Hopkins and John R. Lince, owners of Artists Squared Gallery and Artists on the Byway Gallery in Washburn. “As small business owners during this time, one of the most trying periods in our country’s history, we feel lucky to be in Wisconsin. We have been able to not only stay open, but to expand our gallery presence in Washburn so that we can show and sell the art of a greater number of local artists. We need a leader like Governor Tony Evers who will do what’s right for our state and our economy.”

See Gov. Evers’ agenda for supporting small businesses below.

Doing the Right Thing to Support Small Businesses and Family Farms:

In his second term, Gov. Evers is committed to doing even more to support Wisconsin’s small businesses, farmers, and agriculture industries.

  • Expand Wisconsin’s Main Street Bounceback Program: The Main Street Bounceback Program has transformed downtowns in cities and towns across Wisconsin.  This program provides grants to small businesses who open or expand into vacant storefronts, helping entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality and helping to revitalize our communities. Gov. Evers will continue to invest in this program and work to make Wisconsin the small business powerhouse of the midwest.
  • Support Wisconsin Farmers and Producers: Gov. Evers has signed historic legislation to support Wisconsin’s agriculture industry by expanding dairy exports and strengthening meat processors across the state. In his second term, he will continue to find innovative ways to connect Wisconsin’s agriculture industry with new markets and strengthen the state’s agriculture supply chain.
  • Growing Wisconsin’s Workforce and Filling Jobs: With near record-low unemployment, it’s critical to expand Wisconsin’s workforce to fill jobs and give small businesses the workers they need to operate and grow. That’s why Gov. Evers supports a regional approach that tackles specific challenges – like access to childcare, quality education for our kids, apprenticeship and job training programs, and more. He’ll continue to work with local partners and employers to find solutions that work.
  • Repeal the Personal Property Tax: The personal property tax is an unfair, costly tax that is levied on small businesses for their equipment and furniture. This tax also overburdens small businesses with compliance costs. Gov. Evers supports complete repeal of the personal property tax in a way that ensures local governments would receive inflationary increases in state aid to cover their revenue losses and, unlike the version previously vetoed, does not include new, extravagant tax breaks for utility companies.
  • Expanding Access to Capital: With interest rates on the rise and business costs increasing, small businesses need access to capital and financing options. Governor Evers supports expanding state tax credit programs and opportunities for loan guarantees when businesses make investments or commit to creating jobs here in Wisconsin.
  • Made in Wisconsin: Gov. Evers will work with small businesses and family farms to create new local markets for Wisconsin-made and Wisconsin-grown products. By strengthening our supply chain and growing local markets, Wisconsin small businesses will have even greater opportunity to succeed.
  • Expand High-Speed Internet to Small Businesses: Small businesses need to have high-speed internet to keep up with the world. During his first term, Gov. Evers expanded reliable high-speed internet access to 387,000 homes and businesses. In his second term, he will continue to make investments to give even more businesses and entrepreneurs the affordable and high-speed internet access they need to be competitive.